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Web Design and Development is the latest trend in online business. A website is the first impression for a potential customer on your product or service. Outstanding and stunning website design can make your brand stand out from the crowd and increase your sales.
Kushwaha Technologies creates a stronger website with a user-friendly interface and high-command functionality that encourages users to visit it by utilizing cutting-edge technical technologies. After everything, we can foster a site, despite the area and business space. Users’ recommendations for websites are becoming more and more important as a result of search engine updates and modifications. Users can get a widespread, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized website from a Web Development Company. A fully loaded, ready-to-run website and increased conversion rates are two benefits of the best-developed websites.

Our Web Development Process

Data Collection

The primary objective of the initial step is to gather all of the project's relevant data. As a design team, we inquire pertinently to learn more about the business's requirements. Analyze the client's requirements, define the website's purpose, and identify the website's objectives.


At this phase we put the information gathered in phase one together and create a comprehensive website plan. A site map is created at this point. The list of the website's primary topic areas, as well as any relevant subtopics.


At this phase we carefully and tastefully apply visual elements like the logo and brand colors to strengthen the brand identity on the website.


The design itself should be completed at this point. However, it typically takes the form of static images. Depending on the design's complexity, translating it into HTML/CSS and adding an animation layer or JavaScript layer takes additional development effort.


The testing process can begin once the content and images are in place. It is necessary to test each page to ensure that all links function properly and that the website appears correctly in various browsers.


The time has come for the website to go live once we have the client's final approval. But before that, the website needs to be run through one last time to make sure that all of the files were uploaded correctly and that it works properly.


Most of the time, regular maintenance is needed after the website goes live. In order to enhance features' discoverability and usability, user testing can be carried out repeatedly on new content and features. All of this may result in new tasks for design and development.

Why Choose Us

Professional and Creative Team

A team of creative professionals who are aware of your needs.

Personalized and Consultative Approach

We understand your brand, your values and your precise business needs.

Dedicated Specialist

Strategy and Getting Results are expertise of your dedicated Project.

Project Management System with full Plan

A project plan that is time-boxed and fully planned. Our project management system will be available to you in full.

Timely Quality Control

A team of internal auditors for phased and prompt quality control; we address problems as they arise.


A group with more than a decade of digital marketing experience.

Varieties of Website Design & Development Services

Utilizing our distinctive WordPress development services guarantees the creation of feature-rich and highly interactive websites using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Our WordPress development services include, but are not limited to, custom WordPress development, WordPress eCommerce development, and WordPress migration and maintenance.

A thorough understanding of the product purchase cycle, which actually begins with the user searching for your products, is necessary for designing user-friendly e-commerce websites. Additionally, the small things like ad copy, revenue tracking, and product descriptions are taken care of by our team.

Our static website design enables websites to store requests and communicate quickly.

These days, it is the best option for owners of small businesses. You won’t have to worry about content updating repeatedly with a static website.

Our CMS development services help you to manage content in a very efficient way.
With the help of the CMS, the user can view a responsive design that can fit into any screen size without any conflict.
Custom content creation
Content repository
Push the Content to Publish (setting the content live for reads)

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